Animal Olympics - Diving 1.1.1

Animal Olympics - Diving 1.1.1: Impress the judges and dive for the gold! direction by clicking the corresponding icon. If you have selected a direction but would like to change your mind, you can click the other icon to choose the other direction. When you have made your choice, click the Dive button at the bottom, and the penguin will prepare to jump. A vertical power gauge will be shown on the screen, indicating the power of the jump. To set the power, simply click the mouse or press any key on your keyboard when the

VIGps 1.0: GPS Navigator with using a scanned raster maps
VIGps 1.0

Direction, Longitude, Latitude, Time, Date, Height); - you can open any of scanned maps (in a "bmp" or "dib" format); - you can calibrate the scanned maps yourself by two calibration points only (left-top and right-bottom); - calibrations are stored automatically for every map, you do not need to calibrate a map next time; - you can see your route line and speed direction at the map; How to use it: - connect your GPS device to your computer by the

direction, calibration, longitude, speed, latitude, route, sailing

Crazy Controls 2.0: Guide an arrow to pick up stars!
Crazy Controls 2.0

Crazy Controls is a funny free online arcade game where you need to guide an arrow to pick up stars. That is not an easy job. Your arrow went crazy. It changes its direction in a blink of an eye. You need to catch exactly the right moment when the crazy arrow points in direction you want it to go. At that moment press the arrow on your key board.

crazy controls, free online arcade games, arcade games, arcade game

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Driving Directions 1.0

EZ Driving Direction Maps show you the best route to your destination

driving directions, google maps, maps, map quest, yahoo maps, mapquest

Google Map Guide 1: Google Map  Help Guide
Google Map Guide 1

If you want simple, no-nonsense directions, then MapQuest might be the best site for you. The website is very user-friendly and easy to use. On the other hand, the maps Google create can be easy as well, but there are many options for tinkering and having fun as well. You can create your own one, browse other people`s maps, change your driving direction route and take a virtual sightseeing tour in a faraway place, even Mars or the Moon!

google, guide

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Arrows 1.0

There is a field - 6x6 cells. Each field can be empty or contain a colored brick with arrow on it. Arrow direction depends on the bricks color. You can manipulate these bricks: tap on the brick to move it accordingly to it`s arrow direction. Groups of two or more bricks having the same color dissapear, but each turn some new bricks come to the field. Destroy bricks to earn points. The game ends when there are no empty cells left on the field.

xscale, pocket, original, game, logical

Battle Rings 1.1.1: Bump away opponents and get closest to the target.
Battle Rings 1.1.1

In this game there are 4 rings and you will control the red ring. You need to control the speed and direction of the ring so that it can move closest to the centre. You need to plan your path carefully because you will bounce away when you bump into other rings. Use the mouse to control the speed and direction of the ring.

action games, battle, bump, rings, strategy games, battle rings, disc, arcade games

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